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Internal Blinds

Internal Blinds in Mississauga

Doors Mississauga offers internal blinds for patio doors, sidelights, and entry doors to help prevent exposure to the sun and to keep your home interior cool.

Internal Blind Features

The internal blinds we create are made from robust aluminium enclosed in tempered safety glass. The blinds have a 10 year warranty.

Internal blinds can be added to any door with an internal grid. They can be lowered or raised completely for flexible control of light entry.

Entry doors which have internal blinds fitted to them meet with Energy Star qualifications in specific glazing systems. But the internal blinds in patio doors are not Energy Star certified.

Benefits of Internal Blinds

  • Internal blinds help to regulate the sunlight entry into your home
  • The blinds help to control brightness in rooms
  • They provide adequate cover from the curious eyes of passers-by

Our flexible blind design helps to add elegance and timeless beauty to your entryway and other areas of the home.

Types of Blinds

Cord operated blinds

These are lowered or raised with the help of a cord. The cord operation can be integrated with slat widths of different types.

Cord and tilted blinds

The blinds can be lowered, raised, and tilted with the help of a rod. Tilting rod and cord are arranged on opposite sides or on one side. Top rails and slat widths of different types can be combined with this type of blind.

Crank operation

A crank is used instead of the cords and rods for lowering, raising, and tilting the slats.

Ball Chain

The blind is mounted directly on the glass, thereby completely eliminating the sunlight entry into your room.

There are several more exciting varieties to choose from. Get in touch with us to know more about our internal blinds and how they can benefit your home.

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